Saturday, October 23, 2010

One Day You're In...The Next, You're Out!

No...not talking about Project Runway, I've been pondering what happens when beaded jewelry goes out of fashion, when no one wants to learn it or buy it anymore.  Doing this for a living one has to think about that.
As I've been beading twigs lately I'm reminded of my desire to sculpt with seed beads and produce bead art that isn't necessarily wearable.

I found an English artist who definitely creates seed bead sculpture that isn't wearable....her name is Liza Lou and she's gonna make your jaw drop!

I can't imagine how many seed beads these took...or how long.
I love the cage!
I don't see me getting this carried away but it sure is inspirational and gives me hope for after people don't want to learn or wear seed beads....which hopefully will never happen, but, I was a Girl Scout who got kicked out for hanging with the Boy Scouts so I believe in "Be Prepared".

Now...who's gonna complain about how long beading takes???


  1. I love Liza Lou's Bead Art. I have her book with pictures of her art.

  2. As Rebecca just pointed out to me...I neglected to mention that these are not bead woven....strung and glued, and she has helpers. It still boggles my mind though :)

  3. Been a big fan of Liza Lou's for a long time!
    She has a living room piece with Elvis bric a brac and a box of chocolates. I cannot find a picture of it! I have no problem with strung and glued. Getting a pattern to come out correctly is the thing...whether you weave, sew or glue - and do any of those well.
    Pleased to see an entry on her, Mikki!

  4. knew her and you didn't share???? Sheesh...I'm gonna go pout. Lol!

  5. OMG! Marvelous!

    Thank you so very much for sharing!

  6. Oh Liza Lou! I saw a show of hers a few years ago at Smith College in Northampton, I was really amazed. Talk about a magnificent obsession!

    I too have been feeling like making things that are not necessarily wearable. Hence the embroidered canvas.

  7. Wow that is the most amazing thing I have seen in a long time. Ahhh to have that level of patience!



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