Monday, October 4, 2010

The Best Thing About Beaders

I don't think there's a day goes by that I'm not impressed by beaders.
What impresses me? The creativity, the range, the colors...yep, all of those but mostly it's their generosity and camaraderie.

I've always been a generous person myself (too generous my family would say) and I have to say it's rarely worked out well for me. I've had things I was giving to charity stolen, had loaned things not returned and a couple of years ago I loaned a full costume (which I had made) including shoes to a supposed friend from work who not only didn't return them.....hung up on me every time I phoned to ask her about my picking them up and threatened me in the end.  It very much leaves you thinking "people suck".

So, it is amazingly refreshing that beaders are so generous with their time, support, advice, resources, and even beads.  You see a lot of 'Pay It Forward' in the bead world and that just heartens my spirit.
One fabulous thing that has just been started by Carol Dean Sharpe is "The Best Little Bead Box" which she designed to raise funds for the "Beads of Courage" charity.   When I won the glass category of Beadstar 2009 we had the option of donating our pieces for an auction to benefit Breast Cancer and I was thrilled to do that.

In other news, I'm part of a new group being formed and it is very exciting. Some of the best new designers and teachers coming together and
the energy is palpable.  More about it soon.

For's back to work for me.
Have a great day everyone and remember to practice random acts of kindness...they can be incredible fun.


  1. I have to agree! Beaders are very generous. I, too, love the whole "pay it forward" aspect of The Best Little Bead Box. I hope it generates some good buzz and money for Beads of Courage. I can't wait to hear more about your new group.

  2. Thanks for sharing about The Best Little Bead Box ;) Like Karen, I'm really interested in hearing more about this new group.

  3. The beading community it amazing and rather odd if you think about it. We help each other in a competitive world, but there you's what makes us different! I cannot wait to see and hear about the wonderful things created through The Best Little Bead Box and I truly hope it raises a lot of awareness and funds for Beads of Courage!


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