Monday, September 7, 2009

Deco Things

Looking back over previous posts I realised I had never posted the Deco pieces I promised... so here they are. These are class projects and beginner level....yep, I teach beginners this and they do very well.
We'll be making the pendant on Thursday, we made the ring last week.

I was busy yesterday finishing my Ruffled Dots bracelet. I wasn't sure at first if I liked it...I think after doing things with lots of Swarovski crystals this one looks, well, I want to say plain but I'm finding it's one of those pieces that grows on you. It's different, original and perfect for fall. I'll post pics as soon as I take them.

I started a new piece with the stash from the bead show. So far it's a double strand necklace and will have beaded beads and a bezeled tiger's eye cabochon. I'm very happy with it so far and can already see two different but matching earrings for it.
I also got a gorgeous brown jasper cab and some matching chips which I'm dying to put together. I need to get a lot of work together so I can approach the galleries. I've met quite a few women lately who have their work in galleries and I feel my work is definitely comparable....I just need to believe in myself and get out and show my work. Like a lot of artists I have a hard time selling my creations, took me forever to even feel comfortable calling myself an artist. I think that all goes back to my childhood when I was told to keep my light under a bushel, not to let people know what I do and just wait to be discovered. Self promotion does not come easy to me....even though people who see me do it think it does (Kenneth Brannagh told me I was a natural actress and this is where it comes in) it's all an act guys!

However....they do say "act it till you become it"....and I'm trying.

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