Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Not quite, I woke up hoarse this morning....from all the talking and the lethal smog in Vegas, I have never seen it so bad!

I managed to get back just after 6pm, tired, happy with what I bought and then kicking myself when I realized I for got a clasp for something....I'm hoping they'll ship it because I can't even find that particular clasp anywhere online. Bead Haven have THE best selection out there...thanks Gail!

I found antiqued copper magnetized slide lock clasps! Perfect for my fall bracelets. As you can see I already attached one to my Double Daisy Tile II bracelet. This one's hard to photograph...there are almost 200 Swarovski crystals in this bracelet but capturing the sparkle is proving difficult. It was great to get "ooooo"s and "wow"s on this one as it's a revamped version of one of my kits, I'd always dreamed of it this way but I'd always hear grumbles about kits being more than $15 and that price tag does not allow for Swarovskis. This one is headed for acceptance at BeadFest Philly.
I'm finally going to have to part with my Challenge piece today....it was ready to go at least a week ago but I really like it and it's hard to say goodbye! I do hope we get them back. It's called "Twin Roses" and I'm proposing it as a class for Philly too.
I think I have two more samples to make and then I can send in the proposals. I started one last night, the bracelet version of the choker I designed from Project Runway's Christoper's winning 'Red Carpet' dress. I picked up the fall colors for it yesterday, of course I was thinking I had enough chocolate brown Delicas for the base.....turns out enough for only half the base....thank the Lord for Artbeads.com. I had to order the Swarovski deep purple teardrop pearls from them anyway....seems none of the stores carry them (though they don't carry the clasp I forgot!)
I also bought the beads for the Haute Couture competition piece (www.goodquillhunting.com/Haute_Couture_Beading_Contest.html) ...again thanks to Gail at Bead Haven for carrying THE best selection of matte 15s. I feel like the incredible shrinking woman because I have such a passion for the tiny 15s....not sure why, but I tend to work smaller and smaller, and I've always been that way. I did micro-macrame before the term was invented (I'm going back over 30 years now...God, I'm old!) If you haven't seen the micro-macrame out there today check out www.jewelsinfiber.com to see some awesome designs.
I'm trying not to have too busy a morning so I can recover fully from yesterday and be fresh for my class this afternoon. Gee...maybe I'll bead.

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