Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Tough Design Day

I intended getting a piece started and finished today but that's the kiss of death..

So, I've worked hard all day 'playing' with my beads. I've been working on what I guess is known as the 'urchin' technique. I first did the technique without knowing much about it and created my 'Cobblestone Wave' bracelet, the urchin is similar but the waves are closer.

I'm not using it for a regular urchin bracelet, I'm putting my own twist on it. What I have got done is looking good....a lot more delicate than the urchin bracelets I've seen and the colorway I'm working in has a very Gothic look to it...which we all know I love. It does have a break from the dark with a light peach Swarovski rivoli crystal as the center. I have been working with a second colorway too in a slightly bigger version. This is how it is when you're working on a new design....sometimes it just doesn't go together easy and it takes a few attempts to get it where you want it.
Ooooo....I just thought of something. A different version. HA! Wouldn't you know, I'm ready to go to bed and my muse wakes up.
Tomorrow is busy and probably not too much time to bead but maybe I'll get this new Gothic piece finished.

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