Monday, September 14, 2009

Photos & Photo Boxes

So, yesterday I recieved an urgent e-mail. One of the bead magazines that I will be in is going to press and they discovered a problem with my headshot so I had to take a new one....immediately! I knew from my days in the print world that if they were working on a Sunday it really was urgent. I didn't take it 'immediately' because no one would have wanted to see that. I changed, did my hair and make-up and set up my camera. Good Lord, I could NOT get a photo in focus! I'm so used to taking pictures of my beading using a white box and having them be perfect first time this was extremely frustrating. It took a while and Mom's help to finally get a picture where I looked halfway human. So I sent the photo off to the one's gonna see it right? Ok...I really don't want to think about that!

I typically cheat when I have to send in a photo for anything....and send in my self portrait "Artist Bound" but I couldn't do that this time...bugger!
Maybe I need to do another portrait with beads....hmmm.....

I did bead yesterday....YAY...I started a new piece and am more than halfway finished. It's a lariat I'm calling "Spitting Snakes"...not sure if that's attractive enough to be the final title but that's what it reminds me of. Tha main color is a matte metalic olive green which I wish I had got more of because I love it! It was part of the stash I got from the bead show and there's no number, color or even manufacturer on it...grrr! So, I'm going to have to hunt for it online. I have enough to finish the piece but I have other things I'd like to use the beads in. Oh well.

I made myself a promise to not buy any more beads this month...I went over budget...and work with the stash I have. It's so easy to just keep buying...

My name is Mikki and I'm a beadaholic.

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