Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

I don't know about anyone else but I do a lot of my beading in the evening and sometimes it's hard to tear myself away and go to bed.

The piece I finished last night was one I'd actually started last December and it got put away in my UFO box. It's just a simple two-drop peyote in burgundy and gold....that part was done, all I needed to add was some embellishment. I went with a simple loop ruffle on each edge and finished it with a burgundy pearl as a closure.

I found another almost finished piece too. This one is a gunmetal/black and silver two-drop peyote bracelet. It needs another two inches for it to be a bracelet length and it definitely needs some embellishment. Right now it sits on a beading mat with a silver and black coin bead on top of it, I'm thinking of bezelling it on. It's interesting that pieces I thought were design complete a year ago now look unfinished to me. I think that says I've grown some as a designer.

I don't want to overwork things though. Simple is sometimes the best way to go. A perfect example of this are the bracelets Lisa over at is featuring today, lovely designs with memory wire and rubber tubing. I learned of the rubber tubing earlier this week on Lisa's blog...I'd never seen or heard of it. I really don't do anything with memory wire other than teach a class using it but I like the rubber tubing so I might be tempted. Lol....just saying that has ideas sparking. I'm definitely going to write a bit about the tubing in the bead society newsletter.

I think it's much harder trying to design things that I think will sell here in Southern Utah than designing the alternative stuff I know will go like hotcakes in San Francisco. It's just another tough deal about being tied to Utah. I may have to recruit a couple of girlfriends as agents once I get a stash of the alternative designs. One of my students has spent some time trying to figure out how she can let the Gothic chick on NCIS see my finger! I said, the easy way was to just send her one. I have some cool and very supportive students!

Goal today: Finish the UFO bracelet and make a long necklace of some kind.

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