Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day weekend means you labor...right?

I really don't call beading 'labor' but I guess technically it is. That's what I will be doing today & tomorrow... nowhere to be, nothing to do, so I get to indulge in the art.

I'm working on finishing the Ruffled Dots bracelet, I made a clasp last night as I forgot to pick one up when I was in Vegas. My wire techniques have improved so much I really need to start working in silver...if only to make my own clasps. The one I made for this bracelet is a two hook and eye clasp for four strands made in copper and embellished with bronze seed beads, it's a new design and it came out really well. What is that saying "Necessity is the mother of invention"? I'm also dying to take a hammer to some!

There are so many techniques to jewelry making and it's now my life goal to learn them all...that should keep Alzheimer's at bay! Once I finish Ruffled Dots I've got a couple of designs I want to make I see as a watchband. I have this desire to get people away from those huge (and often ugly) watchbands that are the rage right now. They remind me of platform shoes in that I can see people looking back in a few years and saying to themselves "what was I thinking?" But I've always been one for a classy stiletto myself....Tim Gunn would be proud.

I have the cube beads I got at the bead show in mind for the watchband, I'm thinking silvers and blues. The other design is one for my 'Trapped Pearls' line and I'm thinking black, silver and red....something vampirish. I actually have a wild idea for this one (inspired by Rachel Nelson-Smith to think outside the box)....but it would mean my doing some polymer sculpting or finding a clever lampworker. The wild version may have to go on hold.

One step at a time.

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