Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Piece A Day

That's my goal until the craft show on October 10th. I'm actually a piece ahead at this point.

The piece I finished yesterday was gemstone donut focal. I created a funnel shape in tubular herringbone the size of the hole and finished it with a half bead technique. Though this way of working with a donut will actually hold it without a bezel I decided to add the bezel anyway. I added three beaded beads, double right angle strands and finished it with a very delicate single strand of strung beads. It turned out to be a very delicate piece. I'm toying with calling it "Absinthe" as the drink is often called "Green Goddess" or "Green Fairy" .

I started an urchin type bracelet last night in deep reds but I must have been tired because I kept screwing up...seems I wasn't able to count to four. But it was probably a good thing as I may have run out of the 3mm garnets making it so wide. So when I get back to it today I'll make it a teensy bit less wide and that should solve that problem. Then I just have to learn to count to four again.

I have a few things to do this morning to be ready for class this afternoon. Plus I have to send out the DBS newsletter that I finally finished last night. It's grown to four pages......ooooo....I can count to four.

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  1. This looks absolutely amazing.
    Can I steal the idea of beads in donuts, since I bought 3 strawberry quartz donuts and putting the simple beaded chain through the hole will kill the beauty of the stone


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