Thursday, September 10, 2009

Society Success

The first meeting of the Dixie Bead Society was a success. We had a nice turnout, great group of ladies and even though I was a bit nervous it all went well. A couple of people mentioned that they might have to leave early and so I speeded up the meeting and was surprised that I got through everything 30mins early which meant everyone stayed till the end. Though, I think when people do leave it tends to make everyone feel they should leave too. I actually didn't realise it was so early...of course the few of us left ended up chatting for another couple of!

I'm feeling that it's been worth the effort I've put in and am excited for where we can go from here. A Bead Swap is on the books for the next meeting and plans for a Christmas Bead Bazaar are underway.

Of course now I have to scout locations for the Bead Bazaar and work out costs....I'd like to see it cost $25 to $30 per vendor. The first place I looked at it would have to be $50 but that did include tables with cloths. I just want it to be low enough so that people can easily make their money back.

Class tonight is my Deco Pendant.

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