Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dodgy Dinosaur Bits

So...as I was driving right by the dinosaur museum I thought I'd stop in and see what they knew about the petrified dinosaur bone cabochons I'd found online.
The girl was really nice but didn't seem to understand and tried to sell me some jewelry. I guess she never met anyone who made it. She didn't know much but brought in a guy who knew a little. Apparently, there's a black market for dinosaur bones...who knew....and I was told I should be careful buying anything dinosaur online as it may be dodgy.
They didn't have anything I could look at to see if what was being sold was actually dinosaur bone and not just petrified dinosaur poop. I could easily see me selling a lovely necklace with a dinosaur bone cab and the buyer finding out they were wearing Bronto's number twos and not being so happy with me.
On the other hand....dino poop necklaces could be quite chic in New York's Soho....hey, if pubic hair art sells...

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