Friday, September 11, 2009

More Days in the Week, Please

That's how I feel today.....if there was just one more day this week I could get so much more done. Gee....that makes me sound like the workaholic I am.

It was a lively class last night and everyone did so well...I was so proud of them. I think one of the nicest things to hear at the end of a class is "I'm going to make one in blue, one in red...." and I got to hear that last night. It makes all the hard work of preparing for a class...designing, planning time, writing and illustrating instructions worth it. Today I have two classes up in Cedar City and I hope they go just as well and are as well attended.

When I got home last night I turned on Project Runway and picked up my beads. I thought it was a good show, I liked the challenge of having the models be the client (though there were some I wouldn't have wanted to work with) and some of the results very successful. I felt bad for Logan because he really tried to give the model what she wanted and it almost got him eliminated...I think the model's idea was immature for the event she was attending. And if I was Logan and found out she chose NOT to wear the dress that almost cost him the contest I would be ticked! At least he was saved.

As I watched I bezeled an amethyst cabochon for a choker I'm making for Janice who hosted the beading society meeting. She said she liked purple and choker length and I had a sweet little amethyst which I've paired with amethyst fire polished drops, some tiny pink pearls, 3mm pink luster FPs, amethyst seed beads and silver 15s. I'm putting double spiral strands on it. It's simple, but I think sweet and striking....I hope she likes it. I'll finish it between classes tonight.

I was also dreaming of a right angle weave necklace....I guess Morganna was in the mood (Morganna is my muse). She came up with an interesting design and I can't wait to put it together....and for some reason I'm feeling greens. I'm very into cabochons right now and I'd like to incorporate three. I guess that's my weekend planned, and if I complete the green one it will make three pieces made from start to finish this week...not bad with four classes and a society meeting.
I love when I'm productive.

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