Friday, September 25, 2009

Ready, Set......Go!

It totally feels that way....I'm beading to the clock.

I finally remembered to pick up a timer for my beading so I can figure out exactly how long it takes and price accordingly. It definitely keeps you focused. I did a narrow urchin bracelet deep purples for my mid-range at the craft show.

I also finished the 'Urchin Wings' bracelet I was struggling with. I've got the design down now so it will be easy to reproduce. I'm finding this design adapts well and it will be fun to do lots of variations of it.
I'm trying to make one piece a day until the craft show on October 10th, right now I'm half a piece! Hopefully I'll catch up tomorrow. I think I'll dig through my UFO box to see what's half made, that should catch me up.


  1. That is just a beautiful piece. Even with succeeding pieces, one of those a day is an amazing accomplishment.

  2. Wow!! That bracelet is so pretty. Can't imagine using a timer though. I would need to tie it to a body part so every time I jumped up it would leave the workspace and land on the floor. Then I might remember to use it :-)

  3. Using a timer is a great idea and boy do I love the bracelet!


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