Monday, September 28, 2009

A Very Productive Weekend

Despite my brother visiting I managed to get a lot done this weekend.

I went into my UFO box and found three things that would get me ahead of the game. The first was a red and gold chevron two-drop peyote bracelet, I just added the ruffled edging and it was complete.

The second was a striped cuff that had 2/3 of the base done....finished the base, added some fire-polished embellishments and a clasp and it was complete.
Inspired by the way my embellishments were looking I took out one of the samples of my Diamond Windows kits, a small black one and got to work embellishing I want to do the same to the other two samples I have.

Next I started a couple of new pieces. A purple urchin bracelet....pretty self explanatory.

The next was interesting. I'd bought some metal pendants on sale at Michaels a while back with the intent of bezelling them but had never gotten around to it. I guess the time was ripe and I sat down to see where this would go. The pendant had a little heart cut out and I had always imagined it being red, so I created a Delica backing for it before doing the bezel. This left me with a red back....pretty enough BUT........ I had some little metal flower charms, I cut off the loop and sanded it down then attached it to the back of the pendant with some 3mm black fire-polished rounds and a few 15s. Presto....My Schizophrenic Pendant.

I have another piece I started but only got about 2/3 of the way through it.... hopefully I'll complete it today.

Eleven days left to the show.

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  1. The Schizophrenic pendant is great and I love the idea with the backing for heart cutout. Cool feature!


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