Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eye Surgery

Not me, my Mom.

We just got back from her first cataract surgery and all went well.
It makes one think about the this kind of surgery in the cards for me?
Probably, genetics and all the close work I do probably will have ne seeing some kind of eye surgery in the future.

As an artist (with dark thoughts) I've often wondered what would be worse, loosing my eyesight or lossing the use of my hands. Without sight I could still sculpt, without hands, I would, no doubt, put a paintbrush in my mouth and still paint. I guess my survivor instincts will make sure I find an outlet for my creativity.

I've been a busy beader this week. I made all the samples for the new Beginning Beadweaving classes starting in October. I have to keep it simple for a few reasons, one being the fact that the store really doesn't carry a decent seed bead.

It will be nice when we finally get a bead store...we're about 6 weeks from that if the gal who's opening it is on time. I was disappointed that she didn't attend the Bead Society meeting as I don't have a contact number for her...I may have to play detective. She seemed excited that I would love to teach some bead weaving there and also interested in carrying my kits...I'm excited too! Anyway, I plan on focusing on Right Angle Weave, starting with a simple two row bracelet. The following week I'll step it up with an embellished version, then I'll take it to beaded beads for the earrings and the cross pendant. The extra week in October I'll teach a simple spiral.

The other things I made are the amethyst cabochon choker for Janice (a thank you for hosting DBS), a lariat (which I may submit to a magazine as a project) and I bezeled some cabs for a bracelet.

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