Monday, September 21, 2009

Giving The Finger

No....this isn't going to be a rant.

Last night I was at a loss of what to make as I didn't feel like starting a big piece. Then I remembered seeing Erin's finger ring on BD. She does some awesome beading, check her stuff out at

Those of you who know me will know I'm big into costuming and I actually have chainmaille clothing I designed and made in my closet. Well, when I was doing the chainmaille I hung out on the armor sites and always wanted to make hand armor...I'd even designed some and made paper patterns. So, last night I dug out my old sketchbook and the patterns and translated it into beads. This is my first piece of finger armor.

I will definitely make a matching cuff and I may even join the pieces. I'd also like to work some designs with claws in them.....this based on the set of wire wrapped camel-bone claws I bought a few years back from Sean the Troll when I was in San Francisco.

As for 'giving the finger' I think I might know a couple of my wild child girlfriends who would love me to give them this finger.

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