Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tim Gunn Where Art Thou?

That's how I feel after seeing the photo of myself that went along with the article about me in the local paper today!
I need Tim badly! I need a new hairstyle, new makeup and Lord knows new clothes! (A new photographer would be good too...sorry Casie) To be honest I feel I've lost myself living in Utah. No one dresses up here, there's no where to go. Well...there are some places....musical theatre and the occasional art reception...but seriously, I'm used to California and costume parties and clubs. As I sit here my closet is open and my gold sequinned Rocky Horror tailcoat is peeping out as if to remind me of who I used to be and the fun I had.

I think my style at the moment says "What's the point?"
I have to get a grip and get it together, the publicity I'm getting requires it!
This week had the article in the paper and Lisa over at kindly put me up as her featured designer this week. I've also had two of the bead magazines that I'll be featured in go to press this week.

I miss myself. I miss the Gothic me....she needs to make a comeback, Utah or not! I've always said, "I'm English and an artist, I can be as eccentric as I like and get away with it" it's about time I stepped up and owned that statement.

I should start exercising and lose the 10-15lbs I've put on since I stopped chasing the Alzheimer patients around....I was actually in a size 4 jean! And yes, they hang sweetly in my closet to remind me how much weight I've gained. The satin evening dress I was making hangs unfinished on my manikin simply because with no where to wear it I lost interest and I've never even worn the black lace Pride & Prejudice style dresscoat I made.

I think makeovers tend to start with the hair so I shall have to figure out that first....I think I need something softer than the ponytail I'm sporting most of the time thesedays. Something punky but classy.

The beading is going more Gothic too. I've had a zillion designs in my head for Gothic jewelry but, because I'm in Utah I have been pushing them aside. Time to bring them out of the closet! I say this because one of my wild child friends has asked me to make her my Byzantine Crown Daggers piece and another wild child wants me to design her a collar. Little does she know the design I'd love to do for her is based on her full sleeve tattoo and extends to meet it.
I think I'm actually scared to let go and put out my crazy designs but I'm trying to change....inspired by Rachel Nelson Smith's piece "Tongues and Torsos"
I guess it's a case of 'Watch this space'


  1. Hi there! I apologize for not letting you know I posted your work as soon as it was up!! I love what you wrote in this post! I know what it's like to "wake up" one day and realize you've lost yourself!! I'm finally figuring it all out myself and I highly doubt we are alone!! I am 100% in support of bringing yourself to the surface. :)

  2. I hope, your lost self comes back to the surface soon. I know how it feels. With all going on atm people constantly told me how I should be, but how they wanted me to just wasn't me. And so here I am, going back to just me. :-)
    BTW, the byzantine crown necklace is great!


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