Thursday, September 17, 2009

Slap me with Caffeine!

This morning saw me out of the house without my morning latte....ugh!
We had to go to the doctor's office for them to check on my Mom's eye surgery...she's doing fine and her eyesight is almost 20/20 now. It's pretty amazing what they can do today.

I was out of coffee and too lazy to run to the store last night so I paid for it this morning. I don't know if it's the caffeine or if it's just the habit. Anyway, we called at the store on the way back and now I'm enjoying my latte while I do my morning computor stuff. At the store I checked out the magazine rack to see if they had the new beading magazines in yet....they didn't! I'm waiting for the new Step-by-Step because I think that's the one that my colorworks challenge piece is going to be in. I have my work in three magazines all due out between now and Christmas but it doesn't feel real yet....and I doubt it will till I have the magazines in my hand.

The bracelet pictured is my "Fall Ruffled Dots". This design came from Christopher's winning red carpet dress on Project Runway...the choker which is black and cream isn't finished yet.

One of the things I do each morning while I have my latte is check my list of beading sites and blogs. I find this very inspiring and a great way to kick off my day. Some of the things I read and participate in are:

The forums at which has a great bunch of beaders. Lisa features a different bead everyday and shows us what she does with them....very inspiring. which is a fabulous blog full of great's is a link to site where you can print paper rulers. Today Kokopelli has a sweet chainmaille bracelet up for display.

I have to tell beats the morning paper!

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  1. I appreciate the coffee thing! Glad your mom is doing so well. Thanks for the other blog links as it was enjoyable to visit them. Love the bracelet & looking forward to seeing the choker.


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