Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Will Work for Beads

At my class yesterday one of my students brought in an ad for a bead show in town this weekend so I just had to look into it. Apparently it's just one guy with 2000lbs of beads coming in from Arizona.
I've got the bead society a 10% discount and he's asked if I can help with staffing the show as his wife who usually travels with him isn't. He's paying in beads, of course, which is fun for a beader and you always make out better than if you're paid in cash. So, now I've got questions out to one of my beady friends in Az to get the lowdown on the! The beading world is really quite small and it seems everyone knows everyone.

I worked on two projects last night, my Ruffled Dots bracelet which....well, I'm not sure about. The only shiny thing in it are the pearls...and I'm wondering if that will be enough. So, I put it down and started working on the Haute Couture piece. On that one I'm not sure if I need to work around a wood bead or if it will hold up on it's own. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

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