Sunday, September 13, 2009

Planning the Future

I'm trying to plan long term and it's tough.
I've been getting things ready to submit to BeadFest Philadelphia and I'm now having doubts. The main concern is's a big trip and if it was next month I straight out couldn't afford it. Will I be able to afford it a year from now? Scarey!
Maybe I need to stay closer to home for the next year. Maybe I need to submit to shows in Nevada, Arizona and California. Then there is an event in San Francisco in September that I'd like to be at....that would be business and fun with friends. Ugh! Decisions.
Plus Christmas is coming and I think I should concentrate on getting a gallery or two to carry my bead work. All the business of beading is taking me away from actually beading....not a good thing.
I guess I need to set myself a have enough pieces to show a gallery by the end of the month? That will take a push but maybe it's doable. It will mean streamlining my calendar, being very strict with myself and probably a sore neck....

One other thing I need to think about....I have to come up with ideas for a bead work I won the flower-inspired challenge experienced category I get to work with the winner of the beginner category and the organizer to choose the next theme. That puts my thinking cap on.

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